Smart Repairs

At Al-Futtaim Motors, our skilled technicians are equipped with advanced tools to repair exterior and interior damage quickly and at a competitive cost. We call this type of service Smart Repairs. As a repaint or replacement parts may not be required, you save time and money making it the affordable way to keep your car looking as good as new.

Our Smart Repairs include the following services:

1.Chip and scuff repairs

Chips and scuffs are unsightly and lower the value of your vehicle. Smart Repairs remove these faults and the task can take as little as one hour. We colour match the paint used to the original specification to deliver the very best repair.​

2. Headlight rejuvenation

Plastic headlight covers can become discoloured over time, reducing the range of the headlamp beam and therefore your visibility. Smart Repairs can restore headlight covers for much less than the cost to replace the item.

3. Bumper and plastic repairs

Repairs to bumpers, spoilers and other exterior plastics are included among our Smart Repairs service. Once again, we repair rather than replace and also restore textured panels to their previous condition.​​

4. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is one of the most technical Smart Repairs and one that requires great skill from our technicians. Specialist tools are used to 'massage' dents from panels without having to respray them after. The technology used in the automotive industry is rapidly developing and we keep up with it to deliver the best service.

5. Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy wheels are a common feature on modern vehicles and they can be easily damaged. Kerbs, stones and potholes can all cause alloy wheels to deteriorate, but thankfully the cost to refurbish them is low. Meanwhile, Smart Repair alloy wheel refurbishment can restore a wheel in as little as 45 minutes whether they are chipped, scuffed or discoloured. Through the same technology we can also completely change the colour of alloys as per your request.

6. Leather / vinyl interior repair

Common causes of interior damage include cigarette burns, holes from accessory mountings and general wear and tear of upholstery and trims. Just like exterior faults, these imperfections lower the value of your car and its visual appeal. Our technicians can resolve all of the above and colour match any repair to the original.

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