Everything you need to know about Toyota Lease

18 November 2020

The way we own cars is changing. For years, the only people who had the option to lease cars were business owners and fleet managers. Now, thanks to new ways of managing contracts, private customers can also take advantage of leasing, with a great new choice of 2020 Toyota short term lease offers.

What is leasing?

Leasing is an easy way to drive the latest cars without the high costs that can be associated with buying direct. A 12-month car lease from Toyota gives customers the option to essentially ‘borrow’ a car of their choosing for a set period and pay for the leaseholder (the dealership) for the usage of it in simple monthly instalments. There are longer lease terms available, as well as short-term leases. With a lease you are effectively renting a car, but for a longer period. You won’t own the vehicle at the end of the lease, but you can extend your lease or upgrade to a new vehicle if you want.

Why is leasing a good idea?

Toyota car lease deals give you the opportunity to drive a brand new car for a set period while paying a simple monthly payment. The supplier (in this case, Toyota) looks after everything else, including maintenance, servicing, and repairs during the period of your lease. So it saves you all the hassle of car ownership while giving you the chance to drive a car that, if you wanted to buy it outright, may be out of your price range.

Leasing makes driving a brand new car affordable. For example, the ever-popular Toyota Camry lease price allows you to drive away in the latest model while managing your finances and spreading them over a longer period.

At the end of your lease agreement, you can simply return the vehicle, negotiate an extension to the leasing agreement, or choose another Toyota car lease deal that suits you.

Toyota leases are flexible, so if your circumstances change there is the opportunity to arrange for a Toyota lease early termination agreement to your contract for a fee.

What about business customers?

Toyota leasing is designed for both private and commercial customers, so if you’re a business owner looking for a Toyota Land Cruiser lease, or a multi-vehicle package on a Toyota van lease arrangement, we can help. We want our leases to be as flexible as possible so that business owners of all sizes, whether you’re looking for a single vehicle or want to lease a fleet of Corollas for your team, can find the lease agreement that works for you.

Find out more from Toyota AE

At Al Futtaim Toyota, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to drive the car they want, so we’ve put together some attractive packages on Toyota leasing deals for both personal and business drivers. Whether you’re looking for Toyota Yaris lease deals or have always wanted to own the very latest Land Cruiser but just didn’t have the capital to go and buy one outright, we have a great choice of options on offer, all with full-service packages and great financing offers.

To find out more, have an online chat with our Virtual Assistant online, or drop into your nearest Al Futtaim Toyota dealership today.