Why Ramadan Is the Best Time to Buy a Car

14 May 2020

Though the current COVID-19 pandemic means that things are a little different this year, Muslims across the world are still celebrating Ramadan, with its traditional focus on fasting, self-reflection and new beginnings.

It’s also a time for charity and generosity. Which is why we’ve provided Toyota customers with a range of Ramadan offers on new Toyota models and pre-owned vehicles. During this special month, it’s our opportunity to give something back.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the Toyota offers and discounts that prove, without doubt, that Ramadan is the best time of year to buy a car.

  1. Offers on both new and pre-owned vehicles

During Holy Month, we’ve ensured customers enjoy excellent discounts and special services on both new and pre-owned vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser or a second hand Toyota Yaris, you’ll enjoy remarkable value and the best service in the business, along with a whole host of other benefits.

  1. The best time to buy new - unbeatable Ramadan offers

At Toyota, we’ve put together a spectacular offer for those looking to buy new. For the month of Ramadan only, our customers can benefit from an all-in-one package that ensures you’re getting the best deal possible. It includes;

  • 4-Year service contract
  • Free fuel for a year
  • Free home fuelling for a year
  • Free vehicle registration for a year
  • A Ramadan shopping card worth AED 1,500
  • Peace of Mind Protection Plan - a payment protection policy that assists in the case of involuntary job loss

You can take an in-depth look at our new car offers and benefits and check out all the Toyota vehicles available here.

  1. Are you considering a used vehicle? You can benefit, too.

Our impressive discounts and benefits aren’t only available to those buying new. If you’re searching for a used vehicle, we can help too. Opt for a pre-owned vehicle, and you'll be able to choose one of the two following benefits.

  1. Free 1-Year Service and Registration - Free registration helps you get on the road as quickly as possible, while our free 1-year service plan ensures you’re protected during your first 12 months of ownership.
  1. Discounts of up to AED 10,000 - Our pre-owned Toyota vehicles are available with discounts of up to AED 10,000, depending on the model. As well as offering significant savings, we thoroughly sanitise every used car before handover.

  1. Get your car picked up and dropped off

During this time of uncertainty, we understand that you may be unable or unwilling to visit one of our showrooms in person. However, we’re doing our utmost to ensure that this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a new Toyota. We’ll deliver both new and pre-owned purchases to your home, free of charge, providing you with total peace of mind.

  1. Take home your dream Toyota

Finally, Ramadan is considered one of the best times to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle because we offer discounts and benefits on such a diverse range of Toyota models. Whether you’re looking for SUV style or a nippy, little hatchback, we’ll do our best to ensure you’re able to take home the car of your dreams.

At Toyota, we want to help you enjoy a blessed Ramadan. Whether you’re looking for Toyota parts and spares, need to make the most of our aftersales services or would love to buy a new or pre-owned car, we’ll provide you with excellent car offers and uneatable service.