Toyota Highway Newsletter - May 2017

From hydrogen-based cars to a hydrogen-based society.

Toyota collaborates to explore the benefits of hydrogen in the UAE.

It’s no secret that climate change is happening, and fast. The planet is facing some tough challenges that require quick, permanent solutions. On January 16, during the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Toyota and Al-Futtaim Motors announced their collaboration with Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and Air Liquide to explore the potential of hydrogen in the creation of a sustainable, low-carbon society. To achieve this goal, Al-Futtaim Motors has launched a pilot project aimed at testing the driving and refueling process of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in the UAE.

The UAE is a major oil-based economy. The Government is currently promoting a new national agenda – UAE Vision 2021, which aims at enhancing air quality, promoting clean energy and improving infrastructure. The milestone agreement announced at the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is a result of the UAE leaders’ relentless pursuit towards a better quality of life for both, citizens and residents.

The program partners are currently exploring the possibilities of transforming society’s future into a hydrogen-based one. They will jointly research and analyze key issues such as hydrogen production, logistics, scalability and business feasibility.

This collaborative research program will explore the potential for hydrogen usage in Masdar City - a low carbon neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi, which is built on the principles of sustainable design and stands as a commercially-viable "green print" for future urban development across the Middle Eastern region. This, we hope, will make the UAE a world leader in clean energy. That would be a huge transformation from an oil-based economy.

Creating waves in the capital.

The Wave – Toyota’s most advanced showroom.

When visitors enter The Wave, a brand-new 3S facility for Toyota in Abu Dhabi (Sales, Service, Spare Parts), they experience firsthand what it is like to own a Toyota before they purchase one. The doors to this facility are like a portal to the future of the automotive industry. The building is also a testimony to Al-Futtaim Motors’ commitment to Abu Dhabi.

The Wave is a futuristic 5-level building that is a 3S facility housing world-class Sales, Service and Spare Parts centers. Spread across 14,000 square-meters, it is one of the largest and most technologically-advanced Toyota centers in the Middle East. The showroom displays 80 new and used models while the service area has 64 working bays to accommodate up to 250 cars a day. It’s so big it deserves to have its own zip code! The Wave has set the benchmark for customer experience in the region with its immersive environment.

Each step of the customer journey has been created to include many forms of physical and digital interactions, answering visitors’ interests and needs. The Wave is not just a unique building that pushes the boundaries of modern architecture, it is a representation of our dedication to customer service excellence. We have designed the facility to put the customer first, and to offer our guests interactive and engaging experiences regardless of the purpose of their visit.

The Beast is on the prowl.

Al-Futtaim Motors unleashed the Beast on unsuspecting Land Cruiser fans with Toyota's new Land Cruiser Xtreme Limited. A concept based on the 5.7L VXR, it is a complete transformation with both, aesthetic and off-road performance-enhancing modifications. It is the ultimate Land Cruiser Xperience.

But the question is what makes the Xtreme so special? It comes with 18” Glossy Black Wheels and All-Terrain tires, Fox Off-Road Suspension System, Hood Scoop, Glossy Black Front grille and Headlights, Smoke Painted tail lights, Glossy Black Roof Rails, Fox Exhaust System, LED Sequential lights and Body Colored Fender Flares.  

The Land Cruiser Xtreme is produced in limited quantities, exclusive to those who value the rush of adrenaline in their lives   Each Land Cruiser Xtreme will be numbered with a special silver plate next to the gearbox. We had invited people to our showrooms on March 3 for a chance to be a privileged owner of this new exclusive beast. 

We are over the moon.

Toyota Hybrid saves enough fuel for trips around the moon!

Among all our technological advancements over the years, the one that makes us most proud is our hybrid vehicles. The fuel saved by all Toyota Hybrid cars sold so far could take mankind 1.5 million times around the Earth and the Moon! Sharing the same environmental ethos with Toyota, Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributor of Toyota, Lexus, Hino and Toyota Material Handling Equipment in the UAE, started its environmental journey over 6 years back and has now become the leader in sustainable mobility  in the UAE.

We threw light on this milestone achievement with the aid of tea-light candles during Earth Hour on March 25. All lights within the organization were switched off from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. and the candles were lit to spread the message.

Up until now, Toyota has sold 10.05 million units of its hybrid vehicles across the world, which has saved almost 77 million tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere. That’s worth almost 29 million kiloliters of gasoline! So these vehicles are perfect for the UAE as they fall in line with the UAE Vision 2021, which is focused on improving air quality. That is why, Al-Futtaim Motors has been regarded as the undisputable leader in sustainable transport over the past 6 years. Hybrid cars are an affordable transport solution that have a direct positive impact on the environment and pose no changes on the driver’s behavior, as they require no external charging and can drive for long ranges, just like conventional cars. So, making the change to an environmentally-conscious vehicle is not a challenge for consumers. It’s all about containing climate change now, and hopefully reversing its effects in the future.

This bus has taken a leap.

The new 2017 Toyota Coaster is here.

The 2017 Toyota Coaster is a quantum jump from its predecessor. It has been completely redesigned and marks a significant evolution from the current model. We are thrilled to have launched it in the UAE in April, and we are expecting an enthusiastic response.

Further enhancing its reputation as an indispensable community and school bus, Toyota engineers have incorporated a suite of advanced safety measures, improved comfort, outstanding reliability and a design ready for the future. It’s the first major upgrade in 24 years, which speaks volumes about the current model’s runaway success across 110 countries! As a matter of fact, Toyota sold 550,000 units until 2015, which is a testimony to its legendary Quality, Durability and Reliability.

First launched in 1963, the Toyota Coaster has built a heritage of taking people places comfortably and with complete peace of mind. Our new model promises to continue doing so but with an enhanced experience for both, the driver and passengers. Its user-friendly cockpit makes driving more pleasurable, the front mask has been redesigned, and a more expansive cabin offers a pleasant and comfortable feeling. The windshield openings have been widened to expand the driver’s field of view, while an optimal distribution of function switches, as well as compartments around the driver’s seat help minimize the need for the driver to shift his or her line of sight. The cabin space has also been heightened by 60 mm, and the windows have been moved outwards by approximately 40 mm, thus providing enough space for passengers to rest their elbows.

The 2017 Toyota Coaster comes with power options. You can choose from a 2.7-liter petrol engine producing 145 hp and a 4.2-liter diesel engine generating 129 hp. Both options come with a five-speed manual transmission and power steering. The body has been strengthened with a circular-framed structure, which minimizes cabin deformation in the event of a rollover, to keep passengers and the driver safe.

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags are installed in the driver’s and front passenger’s seats as standard features. The vehicle also provides passenger safety in the event of an emergency through increased Anti-lock braking system (ABS) availability, and the Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts with pre-tensioners, which instantly take up seatbelt slack and secure passengers. It is also equipped with force limiters, which reduce the force applied to passengers’ chest regions for greater safety and avoid any injuries.

The Toyota Coaster’s legacy continues with the 2017 model leaping into the future of safe, comfortable transportation. Don’t miss this bus!