Service Plan

We offer your car the best possible care while ensuring you enjoy savings and advantages when you sign up for a service plan.

Service Plans For Your New Toyota

Starting your new journey with Al-Futtaim Toyota? Take advantage of our unbeatable service contract packages, available only at the point of sale.

• Up to 70% savings

4-year or 80,000 km plan

• Totally transferable when you sell your car.

Toyota Care for PC & Small SUV: AED 3,995

Toyota Care for SUV: AED 5,995

Service Plans For Your Current Toyota

Even half way through your car ownership, you can choose one of many service contracts depending on your preference and save up to 25%:

• 1-year or 20,000 km contract

• 2-year or 40,000 km contract

• 3-year or 60,000 km contract

• 4-year or 80,000 km contract

Service Schedules

By following a car maintenance schedule, you don’t only secure your warranty, you also prevent major problems before they occur. You need to service your Toyota every 10,000 Km or 6 months, which ever comes first. Note that on top of your service, you need to replace your brakes, battery, tyres…

Click on the below to extend the service schedule detail.


Express Maintenance

Because your time is precious, our Toyota-certified technicians are working in duo to deliver a full service, including the car wash with no comprise on the quality in 60 minutes.

If you have a need for speed, call 800-TOYOTA and ask for our Express Service, you’ll get your car serviced in 60 minutes. Features:

  • Two Toyota-certified technicians
  • Same check points as a regular service*
  • Car wash
  • Same price as a regular service
  • Available in 8 Service Centres across the UAE: Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road & Al Badia), Abu Dhabi (The Wave & Airport Road) Sharjah, Ras al Khaima, Al Ain and Ajman.

*Bear in mind that for any additional work beyond the norms of a regular service, the 60-minute promise cannot be guaranteed, but we’ll do our best!

Book your Express Maintenance Service


No matter the damage, your Toyota can be brought back to its original state with the help of Toyota-certified technicians using only Toyota Genuine parts and paint.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, a police report and claim insurance is all you need. We will take care of the rest for you at any of our 6 body and paint repair centres across the UAE.

What do you need in case of an accident?

Bring Your Car
  • If you can drive the car, call 800 TOYOTA to book an appointment for a valuation of the repairs.
  • Otherwise, ask the recovery truck to drop your car at the closer Al-Futtaim work shop.
(Don’t forget to bring the police report and insurance valuation form.)
Bring Your Documents
  • Get the accident report form the police.
  • Get the insurance valuation form (claim) in reporting the accident to your insurance company.
  • Bring your driving license and mulkiya.
Leave it to us
  • We do the estimation. It takes 30 mins to 12 hours, depending of the severity of the accident.
  • We send the quote to the insurance company directly (the estimation is charged only if you choose to do the repair work somewhere else).
  • We start the work when the insurance company provides an LPO for the repair work with a claim number.

The period following a car accident can be a stressful time. At Al-Futtaim Motors, we aim to make things as straightforward as possible. What do you need to do in case of an accident?

  1. Get the accident report form the police.
  2. Report the accident to your insurance company and complete an insurance valuation form. Get the copy of this form.
  3. Make an appointment with us for a valuation of the repairs (don’t forget to bring the police report and insurance valuation form).
  4. The estimation from our side will take 30 mins to 12 hours, depending of the severity of the accident.
  5. We then send our quote to the insurance company directly.
  6. We do charge for estimates but should you choose us for the repair work, this amount is refunded when you produce the receipt upon collecting your car.
  7. Insurance company will provide an LPO for the work (before this we can’t start the work), with a claim number.
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