Did you know?

Reduce Heat inside the car for occupant comfort, quicker Air-Conditioning cool-down time and enhanced Air-Conditioner performance.

Reduce Sunburn, skin pigmentation, in worst case scenario skin cancer caused by over-exposure to UV Rays. Enhance Driving Safety and Comfort by reducing Sunlight Glare.

Enhance durability/reduce deterioration of car interior parts like dashboard, seat fabric, and personal effects kept in car.

3M Tinting at a glance

All grades of tinting blocks 99% of UV rays, Significantly reduces the glare-and comes with a 5 years warranty.

  • Silver package reduces heat by 40%
  • Gold package reduces heat by 51%
  • Platinum reduces heat by 60%


  • Blocks harmful UV rays (up to 1,000 SPF)
  • Reduces heat and glare
  • Protects the interior from fading
  • Increase privacy and give your car a specific style

When to do it?

Preferably when you buy your car to protect the interior of your car and for you to enjoy the benefits from day 1.


Silver from AED 699

Gold from AED 1,099

Platinum from AED 1,799