Did you know?

People often assume that waxing and polishing are the same thing. Polishing is what is done after a wax to ensure that the vehicle has that glossy shine. Without polishing, it would be almost impossible to get that deep gloss or wet-look of a car. It also helps to mask imperfections on the surface so that scratches and small dents are less noticeable.

Detailing and polishing at a glance

Our service extends even to cleaning and polishing all plastic and vinyl dashboards, door handles and linings and sun visors.

The detailing and polishing service includes; outside polishing as well as dry cleaning for the interior of the car. Interior deep clean including full vacuum, shampooing of all leather & fabric, cleaning and polishing of all plastics and vinyl.


  • Your car will look showroom fresh
  • A proper interior and exterior clean of your car removes all the dust and other stains

When to do it?

When you want it, however it is advised every 6 to 12 months to keep your car in showroom condition or before selling your car.


From AED 650