Toyota Finance Products

Hire Purchase Program

A conventional finance method where customers buy their desired vehicle on loan and repay the total price with applicable interest and fees by equated monthly instalments.


  1. Vehicle full ownership
  2. Variable repayment tenure which could go up to 60 months
  3. Available in both conventional and Islamic variants

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Toyota Choices Program

A finance option with a guaranteed future value (GFV), where Al-Futtaim Motors guarantees to buy back your vehicle at the end of the term at an agreed price (guaranteed future value). This takes away any risk associated with sales of the car at the end of term and provides the customer with three options:

Renew – Your chance to drive another new car! Al Futtaim Motors will pay the minimum guaranteed value and settle your existing loan, allowing the enjoyment of driving your new car and if any money left may be used as deposit for your new loan.

Retain - Keep the car. If you decide to keep the car, you either pay the Final Payment or we arrange refinancing the Final Payment.

Return – by choosing the return option, simply handback the vehicle and walk away subject to meeting the fair wear and tear conditions and the agreed mileage.


  1. The opportunity to keep driving brand new vehicle more frequently
  2. Guaranteed Future Value of your vehicle after 2 or 3 years
  3. Lower monthly instalment

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Leasing Program

Leasing is a hassle-free program offering customers the option to drive their desired vehicle and pay for the usage of it. It is an all-inclusive offering and will allow customers to keep driving new models based on their affordability.


With car lease through Al-Futtaim dealerships, enjoy all the pleasures of driving a brand-new car with just one simple hassle-free monthly payment and let us take care of the rest. Al-Futtaim leasing includes the following:

  1. Service and maintenance
  2. Comprehensive Insurance coverage and repair
  3. Annual registration management
  4. Fine and road toll administration
  5. Breakdown and recovery
  6. PAI (Passenger Accident Insurance)

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