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All you need to know about Toyota Hybrid models

12 August 2020

When it comes to hybrid car technology, there’s one name that’s right at the forefront of development and that’s Toyota. Their hybrid cars are leading the way in changing how people think about motoring and its impact on the planet. If you’re new to the world of hybrid cars and want to know about how they work, what hybrid really means, and if they are the right car for you, here’s our short guide about hybrid cars.

What is a hybrid car?

There are different types of hybrid cars but they all share one essential fact – they use a combination of a traditional petrol engine combined with an electric motor. Hybrid cars can switch between these two power sources, depending on the kind of driving you’re doing. The best hybrid cars do this so smoothly that the driver barely notices the difference.

Toyota hybrids are known as hybrid-electrics. The engines work either independently (so you can switch from the petrol engine to the electric at will), or in tandem. The electric power is used to pull away from stationary, which is when a petrol engine often uses the most amount of fuel, so it cuts down on both usage and emissions. The electric aspect of a hybrid is most useful for ‘around-town driving and commuting, where you’re frequently stopping and starting in traffic. The result is practically zero fuel consumption for up to 50% of urban journeys (up to 31mph) according to Toyota Hybrid Experience data.

How does a hybrid car charge its batteries?

Fully electric cars need to be plugged in and charged regularly – in fact, it’s one of the challenges that electric car manufacturers are constantly trying to address. However, a hybrid has a big advantage over electric cars in that it uses pioneering, self-charging battery technology that uses the engine to recharge the batteries, as well as regenerative braking. That means whenever you apply the brakes or coast, a generator located inside the vehicle uses that braking action to generate electricity that recharges the battery. So there’s no need to plugin for hours.

The best hybrid cars in the UAE

While all manufacturers are exploring the potential of hybrid technology, Toyota has been ahead of the curve for years. That means Toyota hybrids can use their electric capabilities not just for acceleration and cruising, but the electric motor can actually power the car independently of the petrol engine, meaning drivers can use electric power for over 50% of city driving. If you’re driving into cities that have emission charges for petrol and diesel engines but exemptions for electric vehicles, that can make a considerable difference to your daily commuting costs, especially as the onboard charging systems mean you don’t have to plug in your car to recharge it, either.

What Toyota Hybrid car models are on offer?

Top of the list is the Toyota Corolla hybrid, one of the most popular cars in the world. This hybrid Toyota offers plenty of versatility and is ideal as both a family car or as a daily commuter vehicle. Clear, simple dash information tells you when your hybrid is self-charging, so you know exactly how much power is available.

The Toyota RAV-4 HEV is one of the most successful crossovers available, ticking all the boxes whether you’re looking for a well-behaved commuter or something a little more rugged for those weekend adventures. The Hybrid version has all the advantages of the standard RAV-4, with the bonus of a duel petrol-electric set-up for better fuel efficiency and a greener, more environmentally friendly crossover choice.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is proof that sporty can also be eco-friendly, with a sleek coupe design and exceptional performance, as well as a hybrid set-up that makes it a great commuter choice too.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly hybrid that doubles up as an everyday commuter car, a crossover that’s got the capability to handle tougher tracks, or a sporty coupe, Toyota Hybrids from Toyota UAE tick all the right boxes. With a great selection of both new and pre-owned reliable hybrid cars, and a full-service centre, finance options, and the option to book a test-drive in any of our Toyota hybrid car models, your next car won’t just be a Toyota, it could be a hybrid too! Why not book a test drive today?