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Essential Car Accessories That You Must Have

11 April 2021

When you buy that ultimate Toyota, you want to make it your own. Adding various car accessories is the perfect way to customise your vehicle, both inside and out. But what are the must-haves? We’ve taken a look at what’s on offer in the Toyota car accessories store and put together a list of our favourite car interior accessories and some essential bits for the outside, too.

Window tinting

Bright sunlight may be great for sunbathing, but for driving it’s a real hazard. Not only can continuous exposure to bright sun fade those luxury leather seats (more on those in a minute!), but they can dazzle the passengers and, more importantly, the driver. Window tinting is a smart way to cut down on the amount of UV light coming into the cabin, protecting both the interior from long-term damage and the passengers from a nasty case of sunburn!

Rear and front parking sensors

Parking in the city can be tricky, especially if you’re driving a larger SUV. Front and rear parking sensors are a smart idea, alerting you to your vehicle’s proximity to other objects such as bollards, walls, and other cars. Team them up with some rear-facing cameras and you have all-around visibility and awareness that could protect your paintwork from getting damaged.

Roof rails

Giving you an attachment point on the roof for crossbars and roof boxes, roof rails can expand your storage space in an instant, although bear in mind attaching a roof box will impact on the fuel efficiency of your car. The roof rails in the Toyota car accessories online store also has a built-in flag holder so your buddies can see where you are when you’re off-roading or dune bashing in the desert.

Air compressor

If you’re serious about going off-road in your Toyota then a built-in air compressor in the rear is a must-have. After you’ve let a little bit of air out to cope with the off-road conditions, you’ll need to re-inflate your tyres for use on the road. This handy accessory makes that quick and easy without taking up any room in the boot.

Rear entertainment system

Ready for a road trip? Dreading the kids getting fidgety in the back? A rear entertainment system will keep your passengers happy for hours on end, giving them instant access to gaming, movies and programmes.

Audio navigation system

Paper maps are pretty much relegated to the past now, as satellite navigation systems are part of everyday driving. Technological car interior accessories don’t get much better than the Super Audio Navigation system, with its 13.3” LCD touch screen stocked with GCC maps and 3D landmark buildings, as well as an audio function that guides you safely to your destination.

Leather seats

And finally, how about a little bit of luxury? One of our must-have car accessories is butter-soft leather seats, crafted from automotive-grade synthetic leather and extra strong thread. These elegant seats use contrasting colours and specially treated surfaces that won’t stain or mark, keeping them looking better for longer.

What’s your favourite car accessory? Check out car accessories in Dubai or browse the interior and exterior extras on offer and buy your car accessories online today.