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Tips for Keeping Your Unused Car Healthy During COVID-19

30 April 2020

Many of us will be laying up our vehicles over the coming weeks to comply with COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. During this time, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your car, as its condition can deteriorate while not in use. You may also want to consider making the most of Toyota's aftersale services, which include full engine flush, rustproofing and undercoating and paint and interior protection services, amongst others.

So, whether you're worried about the state of your vehicle or need something to keep you busy, check out our top tips for ensuring your unused car stays healthy while parked up.

1. The Battery

Your car battery is the component that's most susceptible to problems should you not use your vehicle for a significant period of time. This is particularly true for more modern cars that contain various computers that are always drawing power from the battery.

Solution: Start your engine at least once a week and leave it to run for up to 10 minutes. Alternatively, a car battery tender will ensure your battery’s voltage doesn’t drop too low. If you’re concerned about your battery, our aftersales service centres are open to help - you can call 800TOYOTA to make a booking.

2. Brakes and Handbrake

If your car isn't used for an extended period, the brakes can be affected in two distinct ways. First, the brake discs can begin to rust. Second, the handbrake can get stuck and be difficult to take off. If you're planning on using the car when this is all over, you'll want to ensure that neither of these things happens!

Solution: Parking your car in a garage will help limit rust while releasing and engaging the parking brake once or twice a week will help prevent it from getting stuck. If possible, taking your car for a short drive around the block once every couple of weeks can prevent brake problems. If you're worried about rust elsewhere on the vehicle, book in for our rustproofing and undercoating service.

3. Fuel

Fuel can degrade over time, leaving you with serious issues when you next start your engine. While fuel isn’t likely to be a problem if you’re only laying up your car for a week at a time, it may become one if it’s rested for a month or more.

Solution: Filling up your tank before resting the car will reduce the likelihood of problems due to condensation in the tank. Alternatively, it's possible to use a fuel stabiliser to extend the lifetime of your fuel.

4. Oil

Just like fuel, the oil in your car can deteriorate over time. This is more of a problem if your vehicle is rested in an environment in which the temperature fluctuates quite drastically.

Solution: Check your vehicle's user manual for details on the recommended oil change interval. If your car has been parked up for a considerable amount of time, don't delay your oil change. If you're ready for a change, book your vehicle in for a service by calling 800TOYOTA.

5. Tyre Pressure

Tyres naturally lose air over time, which can have an impact on the safety and performance of your car. They can also develop flat spots if left on one part of the tyre for too long.

Solution: Check your car tyre pressure before driving your vehicle and add air if necessary. To prevent flat spots, move your car once a week, if possible. If you’re concerned about your wheels, you can also use our Toyota aftersales tyres service to have them safely repaired or replaced.

As well as taking the steps listed above, you can also book your vehicle in for its periodic service at one of our service centres. All our service centres in Dubai are open to aftersales customers between 9.30 am to 2 pm every day but Friday. Serviced cars will be disinfected with UltraMist fumigation technology and home delivered for your convenience and safety.