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Toyota Trade-In offers in the UAE

1 June 2021

Are you falling out of love with your car? Want to upgrade but not sure if you can afford to go for the model you really want? A great way to make buying a new or more recent pre-owned model is to trade in your old car as part of the deal. However, before you make a decision, it’s important to get an accurate valuation of your current vehicle and to find out what trade-in offers are available in the UAE.

At Toyota, you’ll find a huge selection of new and certified pre-owned cars from sedans and family-friendly SUVs to commercial vehicles like the legendary Hilux 2020 and Hilux 2021, or a sporty Supra for those weekend drives in the mountains.

Will a dealer really want my old car?

Dealers are always looking for good quality pre-owned cars, including older models that you may think they’d pass on! If your current car is in good condition and has a full-service history then your local Toyota dealer may be interested in taking it as part of a trade-in deal for a newer model. Your old Toyota may be just the car that another driver in the UAE is looking for! And bear in mind that at Toyota UAE your trade-in car doesn’t have to be a Toyota – we’re keen to consider any good quality pre-owned car as part of a trade-in deal.

Online services to help you get the best trade-in deal

Before you phone up your local dealer, it’s a good idea to find out exactly how much your current vehicle is worth. To help you get an instant car valuation online, Toyota UAE has an online portal that lets you enter the details of your car and get an instant and genuine price that can go towards a trade-in deal. The pre-approval check will ensure that your application is successful so that there are no last-minute complications.

At Toyota UAE, you’re guaranteed to be offered the market value of your vehicle, so don’t worry about losing out on the price of your car – the offer you get will match the market value of the make, model, and year.

You can also arrange additional finance online, and once you’ve been approved your old vehicle can be collected and your new car delivered to your door, making it quick and easy to buy a new Toyota Vigo, Yaris, Hilux, or Corolla. You don’t have to buy new, either, as trade-in options are available on Toyota pre-owned cars too.

Special offers

If you’re not quite ready to exchange your old car for a new Toyota yet, then it’s always worth checking the Toyota UAE site regularly for special deals such as 0% interest for 2 years, special lease rates if you prefer to lease rather than buy, and free service contracts to give you total peace of mind.

Toyota UAE prides itself on providing a comprehensive and buyer-friendly service, whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range Toyota Supra or a RAV-4 that’s equally at home on a dusty track as it is on the city streets. If you’re looking for a great deal on a new or pre-owned Toyota and want to use your existing car as part of your trade-in deal, contact us online today or drop into your nearest Toyota UAE showroom and talk to one of our team.