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What is the Toyota Highlander?

20 October 2020

Toyota has an unequalled reputation for producing new and innovative cars, for understanding the automotive marketplace better than almost any other brand, and for creating cars that their dedicated customers genuinely love. They’re also at the forefront of the green revolution, and led the way with their ground-breaking Prius.

But SUV lovers haven’t been left behind, and Toyota’s understanding of the hybrid market has led to the development of some seriously beefy on/off-roaders, the latest of which is the Toyota Highlander. Today, the Highlander Hybrid is available from Toyota UAE, where you can buy a car online from the comfort of your sofa, so you’re saving even more energy by buying a hybrid!

A class leader

The Toyota Highlander first made an appearance in April 2000 and was one of the first car-based, mid-sized SUVs. The Highlander is the crossover version of the more rugged 4Runner and was the company’s best-selling SUV right up to the appearance of the RAV4 in 2006.

Continually in production since then, it’s proven to be immensely popular with drivers who love a more responsive and zippy feel on tarmac roads, while losing none of the off-roading pedigree of the standard 4x4 SUV. The Toyota Highlander is a crossover that really works in all terrain, whether you’re taking the kids on the school run, or taking them on an adventure into the desert at the weekend.

The 2020 Highlander Hybrid brings in a new level of development, with the inclusion of a hybrid engine that takes nothing away from the driving experience. In fact, most users feel that the driver experience is enhanced by the inclusion of one of the most sophisticated hybrid set-ups currently on the market and that the Highlander represents the very best in SUV/Crossover hybrid development.

What’s under the bonnet?

A 2.5L, 16-valve DOHC Toyota powerhouse drives both the GXR and VXR models, kicking out 240bhp and plenty of low-end torque for tackling tough terrain. But what really elevates the Highlander Hybrid to the next level is the all-new E-Four system, which is Toyota’s motor-assisted four-wheel-drive system that delivers powerful rear-wheel torque through a series of electric motors. That means smoother power delivery on any terrain, as well as the effortless transition from electric to petrol power and back again.

The self-charging hybrid powertrain combines front and rear electric motors with the 2.5L engine. Thanks to those electric motors, the CO2 emissions come in at a very respectable 146g/km. You’ll get plenty of miles to the gallon, too, with an estimated 42.8mpg on normal driving, although bear in mind that off-road numbers will be lower than that.

Safety first – a host of features to keep you and your passengers safe

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid comes packed with the very latest safety equipment, including the Toyota Safety Sense package which includes both active safety and driver assistance elements. Top of the list is the Pre-Collision System with active steer assist, which automatically detects pedestrians and cyclists during the day. It also comes with a huge selection of other features, including Lane Trace Assist, Rear Parking Sensors, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and curtain airbags.

A cabin full of luxury touches

The cabin is spacious, with plenty of legroom and headroom for passengers and driver, as well as a dynamic seating system that can be changed to provide even more luggage space at the back. A 6-speaker audio system gives you fabulous surround-sound, and the info centre console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid for sale – buy your car online at Toyota UAE

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid represents the very best in hybrid technology packed into a feature-rich SUV/Crossover that appeals to those who love their comfort but love the planet too. Hybrid cars in the UAE are becoming more and more popular, so if you want to take a test drive and see why they’re the must-have vehicle of 2020, head over to Toyota UAE where you’ll be able to buy a new or pre-owned Toyota Highlander Hybrid online, and organise a test drive from the comfort of your own sofa.