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Which is Toyota’s best off-road SUV?

7 June 2020

While a sedan may be a great choice for everyday driving or commuting, drivers who like a little more adventure in their lives want a go-anywhere, do-anything option that will handle more challenging terrain. However, just because a weekend off-road adventure in the desert is on the cards does not mean that drivers and passengers have to sacrifice comfort for practicality.

Toyota, famous for the world’s workhorse, the Hilux, has been creating vehicles that tick both the on and off-road boxes for years, and they’ve got pretty good at coming up with SUVs that deliver in all categories, from on-road handling to off-road traction, cabin comfort and reassuring levels of safety features. Put simply, Toyota has managed to create a range of off-road SUVs that keep everyone happy, even those who are looking for a more environmentally-friendly version of a class that has a reputation for being a little ‘thirsty’ when it comes to fuel consumption. Toyota’s SUVs balance more fuel-efficient motoring (and in some cases, Hybrid options) with the ability to cope with anything the scenery can throw at them. But which one is the best?

The RAV-4This stylish-looking SUV broke the ‘jelly mould’ reputation of SUVs and gave this notoriously boxy category a dose of sleek good looks. The high driving position makes it ideal for off-roading, but with a host of gadgets in the cabin, comfortable seating for the passengers, and a driver-friendly operating system that includes Toyota Safety Sense features, it’s raised the bar in the SUV class. The RAV-4 is also one of the most affordable and in our opinion one of the best SUV cars available. The higher ground clearance makes it a capable off-roader, and although it may struggle with more extreme terrain, it’s perfect for weekend adventures. The hybrid option also gives drivers a more eco-friendly choice.

FJ Land Cruiser

This is Toyota’s flagship SUV and in our opinion the best of the bunch when it comes to off-road SUV capability. The Land Cruiser has an innovative multi-terrain management system and, naturally, 4-wheel drive, giving it exceptional off-road capabilities. Its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension system delivers a smooth ride, even over bumpy tracks, or rocks. However, the modern FJ Land Cruiser also feels at home on tarmac and is quite capable of tackling city traffic just as well as it handles dune bashing in the desert. This SUV heavyweight is also packed with features including Toyota Safety Sense, an excellent infotainment system including touchscreen readout, and plenty of passenger and driver comfort.


Part of the Land Cruiser family, the Prado is a next-generation SUV with a host of innovative features. Like the FJ, the Prado has Multi-terrain technology, giving drivers five different options to suit almost any type of surface, from tarmac to trails, sand, or mud. The Crawl Control and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension mean that the Prado can tackle steep inclines and descents, while the 6-speed automatic transmission makes them easy to drive. Inside, the driver has access to the Prado’s Panoramic View Monitors to give the maximum amount of information about the terrain all around the vehicle. The Prado is, in our opinion, one of the best off-road SUVs, and continues the legacy of the Land Cruiser Off road dynasty.


With high ground clearance, space for up to seven people, and good all-round performance, the Fortuner is an SUV with plenty to offer discerning drivers. Its aggressive road presence and high driving position make it ideal for coping with everyday traffic, but this big, well-built, and good-looking SUV can transition from on to off-road effortlessly, making it a truly versatile SUV. Toyota’s off-road engine capabilities are evident in the Fortuner, with a choice of a 2.7L four-cylinder or a 4L six-cylinder to tackle those steep inclines with ease. The Fortuner is a good-looking SUV too, and like all the other Toyota SUVs, holds its resale value thanks to its desirability, reliability, and aspirational qualities.

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