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3M Tinting

Did you know?

3M Tinting enhances driving safety and comfort by reducing sunlight glare into the passenger cabin. It reduces sunburns, skin pigmentation and chances of skin cancer caused by over-exposure to UV Rays. By applying 3M Tinting you will increase the durability of the car’s interior parts such as the dashboard, seat fabric and personal effects kept in the car. It also reduces heat-load inside the car for your comfort, gets the air-conditioner to cool-down the interior faster and enhances overall air-conditioner performance.

3M Tinting at a glance

  • Level of protection is dependent on the chosen package and not on the darkness of the tinting.
  • 3M Tinting significantly reduces the glare and comes with 3 years warranty*

*In case 3M Tinting is installed after 1,000 km / 1 month, the warranty is 1 year.


  • Silver package reduces sun glare and heat by 40%
  • Gold package reduces sun glare and heat by 51%
  • Platinum reduces sun glare and heat by 60%


  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Reduces the glare
  • Darkens from 30% and higher

When to do it?

Preferably when you first buy your car to protect the interior and enjoy the benefits from day 1.


  • Package from AED 599
  • Gold package from AED 1,099
  • Platinum package from AED 1,799