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Used Corolla Hybrid

As the world moves towards greener ways of propelling our vehicles, Toyota is, as usual, at the forefront of developments. The Corolla is Toyota’s biggest selling car, and now it’s also one of the biggest selling and best hybrid cars in the world too. The big selling point for hybrids is fuel efficiency, and the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is probably one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the UAE.

The legacy of the Corolla stretches all the way back to 1966, but the modern hybrid version is a fairly recent development. The 2ltr petrol/electric hybrid delivers around 178bhp, and the electric motor doesn’t suffer from the ‘lag’ that many of the earlier versions did. In fact, it will go from 0-60mph in 7.9 seconds. So you won’t notice any slowing down or loss of performance when you switch over to the electric part of the package. What you will notice, though, is far better fuel consumption numbers. Take your foot off the accelerator and switch over to electric and it’ll happily cruise the city streets all day, with enough torque to enable you to keep up with the traffic when things speed up.

Because the Corolla hybrid is a relatively compact car, it’s perfect for city driving and is easily parked even in relatively tight spaces. The stiffer body improves the handling, while the increased amount of noise dampening makes the cabin a quieter place to be, especially when you’re running on electric.

At Toyota Al-Futtaim Motors, we have a great choice of hybrids on offer, including Toyota Corollas for sale. To find out more and to book your test drive, contact us today.