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All You Need To Know About Toyota Supra

21 October 2020

The Toyota Supra is one of those iconic cars that has everything – road presence, pedigree, and a dedicated fan base who love its aggressive good looks and exceptional performance. This giant of the sports car world snarled its way onto the scene in 1978, with the initial four generations running continuously all the way through to 2002.

Developed originally as the Toyota Celica, the Supra went its own way in 1986 by going longer and wider, and really never looked back. That lower, meaner profile immediately gave it better road handling and stability, as well as some serious street cred. Beloved of ‘drifters’ thanks to its inline 6-cylinder engine that delivered almost ridiculous amounts of torque, it was an iconic Japanese car with an impeccable pedigree.

Things went a little quiet on the Supra front for a few years until 2019, when the 5th-generation model was unveiled. The Toyota Supra 2019 was just a taste of things to come, though. With a new model for 2021 hitting the streets in mid-October, the legend that is the Toyota Supra is back. And it’s definitely a driver’s car.

Thoroughbred styling and plenty of power

The all-new Toyota Supra 2021 looks fast even when it’s standing still. That long, bulbous nose reminds you of the classic sports cars of the 1960s, while the sleek lines and kick-back tail is all part of the thoroughbred styling.

This isn’t just a car for the daily commute (although if you want to commute in style, this is the way to do it!), but for taking out onto the open road and unleashing the 335 horses that the uprated engine produces. There’s 500Nm of torque to push you up even the steepest mountain roads, all delivered flawlessly through an 8-speed automatic transmission that fires you from 0-100kph in an eye-watering fast 4.3 seconds.

Heads up…

If you’re driving a 2020 Toyota Supra, you’ve got your eyes fixed firmly on the road. That’s why the Supra has a display panel that gives you all the vital information you need at a glance, without having to visually hunt around the dash to find what you’re looking for.

The instrument cluster is packed into an 8.8” HD colour monitor that’s easy to see, even in bright sunlight. And to make it even easier, there are an incorporated Heads Up display projector that gives you all the critical information you need right in front of your eyes.

Feature-packed for the true driver

There’s plenty of top-quality features inside the cabin to make your ride not just exhilarating, but comfortable too. You get dual-zone air conditioning so driver and passenger can have their own separate climate zones, a 12-speaker JBL sound system, Normal and Sport driving modes, sports pedals, and a push-start system that unleashes that growling engine at the touch of a button.

Outside, 19” alloy rims with wide, low-profile tyres plant you firmly on the tarmac and let you take any corner effortlessly and with no body roll. A dual sports exhaust has a throaty note that’s distinctive of the Toyota Supra, while adaptive LED lights keep things bright and visible even at night.

Adaptive suspension and an active limited slip-differential have improved the Supra’s handling from the ‘ridiculous’ levels of the early incarnations to a truly sublime level for the 2020 model. This Supra goes around corners as if it were on rails.

Safety first

It might be a sports car, but the Toyota Supra is a winner with safety lovers as well as drivers. The brains is the unique Toyota Safety+ system, which includes Pre-Crash Safety Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). You even have Tyre Pressure Monitor Systems, and Hill-Start Assist controls. Even the bodywork is a safety feature, with ultra-high tensile steel forming the majority of the main chassis to minimise shock transference in the event of a collision.

Try the Supra 2020 for yourself at Toyota UAE

We could wax lyrical all day long about the sublimely beautiful looks, the luxury leather interior, or the sheer performance of this stunning car. But the only way you’ll get to share the full Supra experience for yourself is to take one for a test drive.

At Toyota UAE, we make buying a Toyota Supra easy. We have the new 2021 model in stock right now (launched on the 15th of October, so the paint has literally only just dried!). Are you ready for the challenge of getting behind the wheel of a true icon? Contact us today to book a 2021 Supra test drive and to find out more about finance options and our full range of services.