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The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is designed to inspire creativity in youth, ages 4-15, and help them imagine the future of mobility.

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Comepetition Guidlines:

What do you have to do?

Think of a challenge
Is there any personal / world problem that you would like your dream car to solve OR any aspect of life that you would like to make better?

Visualize the solution
How will your dream car solve the challenge OR improve life? Think about car design and movement. Capture the car while it provides the solution.

Focus on the details
Your car does not have to be in the center of the painting. Place it in a location that will help explain the idea, and draw the surroundings in detail.

Make the car stand out
Mix colors and create lighter or darker shades in order to give a clear focus on the car.
Tell us how your car works and why it’s the best car in the world.
Please don’t use a computer to do it – that’s cheating! And the paper you use must be A3 in size*.

How long do you have to create your design?
The closing date for entries is 15th January 2022

Who can enter?
Children 15 years old and younger who live in the UAE. There are three age categories:
Category 1: 5-8 years old
Category 2: 9-11 years old
Category 3: 12-15 years old

How to participate?
You would need an entry form to accompany your drawing. Download the entry form from this page. Please fill in all the necessary items on the entry form, and securely attach it to the back of your artwork. Please see the “Entry method” provided on the entry form for more detailed methods. Permission of the parent or legal guardian is necessary when entering the contest.

Submission - You can submit your Artworks at your nearest Toyota showroom. Make sure a parent or guardian signs the entry form.