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Why do Toyota cars have a high resale value?

7 June 2020

Vehicle depreciation is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new car. Whereas some used cars hold their value quite well, others see their resale value fall off a cliff the second their wheels leave the forecourt. One of the best vehicles for resale value is Toyota, which consistently sees resale returns of between 50% for standard models, and up to 70% for high-end models. So why do they have such a high resale value?

Toyota’s reputation for reliability

Lists of quality used cars for sale often include a plethora of Toyotas, primarily because they have such an amazing reputation for reliability. Whether it’s the Camry or the Yaris, the Prado or the FJ Land Cruiser, there’s one thing that drivers can count on is that these solidly-built, technologically advanced cars will just keep going and going.

While Toyota is known for its innovation, they rely on their brand reputation for reliability and build quality, which makes them particularly popular with drivers who demand more from their vehicle and expect them to tackle tougher, more demanding terrain. This is another reason why Toyota used cars are so popular in the Middle East – they simply cope better with the climate extremes we encounter in this part of the world than other, more temperamental brands.

A winner with drivers

The high resale value of used cars from Toyota is also because they’re incredibly popular. Whether it’s safety features, driver comfort, off-road capability or styling, the simple fact is that drivers love Toyotas. At Al Futtaim Toyota, we are constantly being asked for good quality used cars in the most popular ranges, and as long as the condition is good, our customers will keep buying used Toyotas.

Build quality – Toyota’s reputation for excellence

We’ve mentioned build quality a couple of times, and this is an important factor in the higher resale value of any used car, including Toyotas. Second-hand cars can suffer from the usual scratches, dents and dings of everyday wear and tear, but the rule for any vehicle, including Toyotas, is the better the condition, the higher the resale value.

The condition under the hood matters too, and Toyota’s reliable engines rarely need any extra maintenance outside of the usual annual services. To maximise the resale value, always make sure that the vehicle has a full-service history, and that the paperwork includes receipts from any additional work done by authorised dealerships. The provenance of used cars has a huge influence on their resale value.

The most popular models

With Toyota used cars, the most popular models will always be in high demand. It’s that supply/demand balance that determines the resale value, which means the higher the demand, the greater the resale value.

At Al Futtaim, we’ve found that the best-used cars to buy in the UAE usually have a Toyota badge on the front grill. Their feature-rich interiors, comfortable driving positions, and excellent ENCAP safety rating make them popular with adventure drivers, families, and commuters. They’re versatile, practical, and well made, as well as economical to run. Hybrid technology is really starting to influence buyer’s decisions when it comes to looking at used cars for sale in the UAE, and the Yaris has led the way in eco-driving for several years. For dedicated adventure drivers, the FJ Cruiser is still the must-have vehicle of choice, while the Corolla leads the charge for comfortable sedans. For all-round versatility, the RAV-4 is the one that everyone wants, while for sheer practicality the Hilux simply cannot be beaten, as regarded as one of Toyota’s greatest achievements.

Whatever used car a driver is looking for, Toyotas are always at the top of the list when it comes to reliability, performance, and high resale value.

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