Al-Futtaim Motors provides units for existing roll car simulators at Emirates Driving Institute

20 June 2019

Al-Futtaim Motors provides units for existing roll car simulators at Emirates Driving Institute

Sunday - 19/06/2016

Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, will provide Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) two units of Toyota Camry Hybrid to install on their existing Roll Car simulators that demonstrate safety afforded through the use of seatbelts during a rollover collision. EDI, one of the largest driver training institutes in the country started this experience-based learning demonstration in 2007 using simulators which are modelled on real-to-life vehicles that have been stripped of their engine and transmission units and fitted for demonstration purposes.

These Roll car simulators are located at the EDI training institute and provide a simulated effect of a rollover collision making one realize the dangers that can arise from not buckling up while driving. A driver is belted up and held in place in the simulator through a 360 degrees roll, demonstrating the effectiveness of seatbelts in protecting passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle.“This experience-based learning using roll car simulators shows the importance of safety equipment in the vehicle, such as wearing a seatbelt for driver and passengers in the event of a roll-over crash.These simulators are taken around various public events, exhibitions schools and colleges by the EDI Road Safety team to educate and increase awareness on how vital a seatbelt is while driving,” said Amer Belhasa, Managing Director of EDI.Al-Futtaim Motors and the Emirates Driving Institute recently signed an agreement and has seen EDI acquire a fleet of 160 Toyota Yaris Sedan vehicles, which will be used in day-to-day driver training and education.Speaking of the partnership, Saud Abbasi, Managing Director for Toyota at Al-Futtaim Motors, said: “Al-Futtaim Motors and EDI share a strong evolving partnership, one that centers on offering best-in-class training to students across the country, in turn putting safer, more confident drivers on the road.”