Al-Futtaim Motors recognised with TMHI Service and ‘Vision 2020’ Awards 2015

20 June 2019

Al-Futtaim Motors recognised with TMHI Service and ‘Vision 2020’ Awards 2015

Al-Futtaim Motors has received recognition with two accolades at the Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) Distributor Conference, that was held in Japan in April this year.

The ‘Service Award’ and ‘Vision 2020 Award’ recognize Al-Futtaim Motors’ effective implementation of the Toyota Customer Support and Trust Programme, as well as successful implementation and management of all sales activities with a 360 degrees visibility of the manufacturers, distributors and customers via T-basis CRM in one cloud.

Vladimir Knezevic, Managing Director, Commercial Vehicles at Al-Futtaim Motors, said: “This is fantastic recognition for Al-Futtaim Motors, as we are competing against much bigger markets and distributors globally, we have been able to achieve effective management of sales activities while keeping customer relationship management a key focus of our business.

The implementation of a unique T-basis CRM system across the business has allowed all of the sales team, CRM department, as well as the manufacturer, better visibility into customer requirements, while providing better insights into future developments that enable Al-Futtaim Motors to serve its Toyota Material Handling equipment customers more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” he continued.

TMHI places great emphasis on ‘Challenge, Leadership and Connecting the Dots’, which Al-Futtaim Motors has effectively implemented in the new Toyota Material Handling 3S facility in Umm Ramool, Dubai.