Celebrate Valentine's Day With Toyota

9 February 2021

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Toyota

Chocolates and roses may be traditional, but what if your partner is a real petrol-head? If you’ve got the money to splash out on a gift they’re bound to remember this Valentine’s Day, why not buy them a Toyota? And what if the love of your life is your car? How can you treat your beloved Supra to a Valentine’s Day pampering?

Handing over the keys

Buying your kids their first car is a right of passage for many families, but once the kids have grown up and moved away, you’ll finally have a little bit more cash to spend on yourself and your partner. Most couples are two-car partnerships these days, but if your partner is hankering after a newer model than their current run-around, a really special gift could be a brand new or top quality pre-owned Toyota.

Why buy a new car?

Not only does a new Toyota have better features, better fuel efficiency, and better styling, but they’re also safer as well, with models such as the Camry and the Corolla boasting 5-star ENCAP safety ratings. SUVs like the Rush and the RAV-4 are also tough enough to cope with any terrain, perfect if your partner loves weekend adventures in the desert or the mountains.

You may also find that your partner cares more about their carbon footprint these days, so why not replace that old car with a new Prius or a Corolla Hybrid? More economical to run and with exceptional new technology that’s kind to both your wallet and the planet, they’re a greener choice than a bunch of roses this Valentine’s Day!

Yes, it’s going to cost you a little bit more than a bracelet (even a diamond one), but knowing that your partner is driving a safe car that won’t break down on them gives you both something that’s worth more than diamonds – true peace of mind.

Your beloved car

If you’re a real ‘driver’, then you’re probably almost as much in love with your car as you are your partner (don’t worry, we won’t tell them!). So as well as treating your partner to a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, why not treat your beloved car to a little Valentine’s Day pampering as well? Book your car in for a full valet and service for a top-to-bottom clean and polish inside and out. Recapture that gorgeous ‘new car smell’, and make sure your Valentine’s night out with your partner starts in style in a spotlessly clean car.

At Toyota AE, we know how passionate you are about your car. So we’re here to show it a little love and attention with a full service, new tyres or a new battery. Not only does a full valet complete with waxing make your car shine, but it can also really help to protect the paintwork and keep it looking its best for months to come. Checking the engine and running gear such as the brakes, hoses, fluids, battery and suspension means that you’ll enjoy a full 10,000km of hassle-free motoring after Valentine’s Day too.

If you want to treat your loved one to some Valentine’s Day pampering, whether your ‘loved one’ has two legs or four wheels, talk to the team at Toyota AE today.