Let's think sustainable

20 June 2019

Let’s think sustainable​

Are you interested at eco-efficient technologies? Are you keen to support the sustainable strategies and the expansion of environmentally friendly initiatives?

Be updated with our environmentally friendly products!

  • Hybrid Electric Prius (HEV) -available for you to drive.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Mirai (FCEV) -is being tested in the region to be introduced to the market in the future.

We guarantee the uncompromised blend of the Quality, durability, and reliability of our electrified powertrains.

Special thanks to some of the TOYOTA vision/mission supporters:

  • Arabia Taxi (Electrifying its fleet with 50 new Toyota Prius)
  • Ajman 5th International Environment Conference (6th & 7th of March, 2018 presenting an excellent platform to gain valuable expertise and share current and future research on green practices)
  • DEWA (DEWA Innovation Week being a platform showcasing our environmentally friendly vehicles)
  • Ajman Municipality (Private Parking in Ajman Government Department for a greener mobility. TOYOTA has been selected to be the Pioneer of launching this project)
  • Dubai Municipality (three divisions with one vision: DMhas again successfully gathered us –AFM divisions: Toyota, Lexus, HINO/TMH- under the same sustainability umbrella /Car Free Day, 9th edition)